Year 2 – 6 Spelling Programme

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Pages: 40 pages

Size: A4 glossy soft back cover

Price: £120 (members), £150 (non-members) to include CD-rom with licence

Author: Penny Boardman

The North Somerset Learning Exchange Year 2 – 6 Spelling Programme is a unique spelling programme for schools, fully aligned to the National Curriculum 2014. It does not do the teaching for the teacher but equips the teacher to teach well. For each spelling objective, extensive word banks mean that the teacher does not have to worry about ‘exceptions’. Research into the reasoning/stories behind the eccentricities and oddities of the English language demystifies and brings the English spelling system to life. Teaching and learning hints and tips are provided throughout. A clear spelling progression helps teachers understand and build on children’s prior learning.

The programme includes a booklet and CD-Rom of resources. The booklet provides an overview of the programme and guidance on all aspects of an effective spelling curriculum, including:

  • marking and feedback;
  • assessment and tracking children’s progress;
  • supporting children with spelling at home;
  • monitoring and evaluating the quality of spelling teaching.

The CD-Rom includes:

  • word banks,
  • teacher knowledge guidance and notes to support the teaching sequence for each spelling objective;
    grapheme charts;
  • resources to support assessment, monitoring and evaluation.

The author Penny Boardman is an experienced teacher and lead adviser in English for North Somerset Local Authority.

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