Using the extended work scrutiny in schools to move from good to outstanding

Tim Sully Extended Work Scrutiny 4

So you have the extended work scrutiny model working and you have an archive to call upon.

Maybe you have three from the past year, one you completed at the end of term 1, one you carried out in term 3 and a final one in term 6.

By now you are a ‘dab hand’ at the process and the interrogation of the evidence would have enhanced the consistency of the presentation across the whole school.

Also, your teachers will have gain a greater understanding of what is being asked of them. Yes of course there will be disappointments along the way. Some people may not have been fully aware of the expectations they are being asked of them especially if they are new to teaching, new to the school or a job share or long term supply. ‘Better the devil you know’ and all that! And that’s the point, you do need to know where you are going and how to get there.

Headteachers who use the extended work scrutiny invite their staff to interrogate the evidence themselves. The teachers leave non-blame comments and questions on the evidence using Post-its. It is not about ‘pointing the finger’, it is about a shared responsibility to getting this right.

The next step is a bold one. The teachers take their extended work scrutiny to a friendly school which has a similar catchment and then they hold their interrogation staff meeting in the hall of the host school. Here the hosts latest EWS and the visitors’ are rolled out side by side and the visitors are encouraged to give feedback to the host and to compare their own to the host’s. This is a powerful piece of CPD and raises all sorts of questions to explore.

If done well it is a ‘win win’ for everyone. The visitors see where they are in the learning journey, the hosts get feedback on their learning journey and afterwards the visitors go for a wander around the school. The heads also share their thinking.

It is a rare opportunity for reflection and one which should be encouraged.

See Tim Sully’s book Conducting A Work Scrutiny here

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