Using Learning – Assessment for Learning in the classroom

Using Learning - Assessment for Learning in the Classroom

Pages: 130 pages

Size: A4 glossy soft back cover

Price: £15

Author: Tim Sully

The book focuses not so much on what is Assessment for Learning but more on what does Assessment for Learning look like and sound like in the classroom. For that reason it is packed full of very practical ideas from the classroom, things that have been proven to work.

As well as chapters on recognised Assessment for Learning strategies such as Learning Intentions, Developing Success Criteria, Quality Questioning and Effective Feedback, there are also chapters to help in the implementation of these elements across the whole school.

The publication was a culmination of 18 months of hard work by a network of teachers who tried out ideas and fed back their own research. Their stories have been brought together in an easy and accessible style with lots of photographs and examples.

The editor of the classroom stories and author of the publication is Tim Sully, an experienced classroom practitioner, consultant, adviser, trainer and presenter, both nationally and internationally.

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