University of Bristol summary of key education documents published January 2016

This document published by the University of Bristol, provides a useful summary of documents from a variety of sources:

Revised GCSE and equivalent results in England, 2014-2015 (DfE: January 2016)

Revised A level and other level 3 results in England, 2014-15 (DfE: January 2016)

Summer report 2015 (Ofqual: December 2015)

Research to understand spend by 16-19 institutions on additional needs (DfE: December 2015)

The PE and sport premium: an investigation in primary schools – final report (DfE: November 2015)

Flipped learning: research report (NfER and Nesta: December 2015)

The role of Regional Schools Commissioners (House of Commons Education Committee: January 2016)

A winning personality: The effect of background on personality and earnings (The Sutton Trust: January 2016)

NfER Teacher Voice Omnibus: Questions for the Department of Education (NfER for DfE: December 2015)

Evaluation of STEMNET’s operations and impacts 2011-2015: Summary report (NfER: December 2015)

NfER submission to Government consultation: Intervening in failing, underperforming and coasting schools (NfER: January 2016)

Evaluating access (The Sutton Trust: December 2015)

Updates and points of information 170

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University of Bristol summary of key education documents published December 2015