University of Bristol summary of key education documents published between March 2014 and September 2014

This document, published by the University of Bristol,  provides a useful summary of documents from a variety of sources:

Running a school myths and facts (DfE: September 2014)

Children with Special Educational Needs: an analysis (DfE: September 2014)

Permanent and fixed-term exclusions in England: 2012 to 2013 (DfE: July 2014)

Transforming 16-19 education and training: the early implementation of study programmes (Ofsted: September 2014)

Evaluation of the Special Needs and Disability (SEND) pathfinder programme (Ofsted: August 2014)

Analysis of trends in higher education applications, admissions and enrolments (Ofsted: September 2014)

The everyday maths project: empowering parents to support their children’s maths learning (T. Jay and J. Rose, University of Bristol Graduate School of Education: August 2014)

Primary Modern Languages: the impact of teaching approaches on attainment and preparedness for secondary school language learning (S. Graham, L. Courtney, T. Marinis and A. Tonkyn for the Nuffield Foundation: September 2014)

Lessons from London schools (Centre for London for CfBT: June 2014)

Chain effects: the impact of academy chains on low income students (DfE: March 2014)

Partnership working in small rural primary schools: the best of both worlds (R. Hill and NfER for the CfBT Education Trust: April 2014)

Initial Evaluation of the Impact of Big Writing (J. Harland, L. Lynn & M. Sainsbury for NfER: August 2014)

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University of Bristol summary of key education documents published November 2014
Documents for the 9th October 2014 Primary Heads Meeting