The Improving Teaching Plan – a new way to help secure good and better teaching in your school

Where ever you are in the journey to outstanding, one of the significant challenges continues to be how to secure consistently good or better teaching.  More specifically, how can leaders formulate an excellent strategy to achieve this goal?  The answer could well be an ‘Improving Teaching Plan’.  So what’s that when it’s at home?  It is a strategic leadership approach to improving teaching and learning and its purposes are set out below.


Behind the plan are some important, non-negotiable principles, for example,

  • Integrity and trust between leaders and teachers;
  • Well crafted professional conversations with teachers;
  • Driven and owned by the leadership and individual teachers;
  • It clearly identifies best practice and how this will be modelled and disseminated. Etc

What does it contain?  For example, generic CPD linked to the school’s improvement  priorities, judgements on individual teachers and for the quality of  teaching overall based on triangulation from monitoring and evaluation activities, next steps for teachers and evaluation of  impact.  What is it not?  It is not a ‘deficit’ model to deal with the under performance or capability of specific teachers.

For help and advice on how to implement an Improving Teaching Plan in your school, contact the Learning Exchange here or on 01934 427508

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