Supply Staff and Trainee Teacher E-safety guidelines

This could be laminated and put near the teacher desk in the classroom or kept in the register drawer. Edit to suit your own school rules:

To ensure XXXX Primary School remains a safe and secure place to learn, we kindly ask you to observe the following:

Sign in and out

  • For safety reasons, please remember to sign in and out when entering and leaving the premises. We also require all visitors to wear an identification badge whilst on the premises.

Mobile phones

  • Under no circumstances should mobile phones be taken into classrooms or any other area that children are present. There are secure lockers next to the main hall door that may be used to store a phone or any other valuable items. If you wish to use your phone for calls then please step out of the gated entrance. Emails/messages may be checked in the staffroom.

No personal computing devices/camera equipment

  • Due to child protection, we ask that no personal mobile devices or cameras are to be used within school. Each class is equipped with a digital camera for the purposes of recording work, events etc.

Logging in xxx/xxx or xxx/xxx

  • When accessing the school network for ICT teaching or accessing resources, please use:
  • (supply teachers) username: xxx & password: xxx or
    (students) username: xxx & password: xxx

Always lock screen when not at desk (Ctl+Alt+Del)

  • If leaving a computer for a break, lunch period etc, ensure it is locked by pressing the keys identified above. To unlock the computer, use the log in details listed.

Personal data should be taken off site on school issued encrypted key only

  • Should your period at xxx school be extended for a fixed term, you may request an encrypted memory stick to transfer sensitive data to a home computer for later work. Please remember that this is for transportation only and no personal school data should be stored on a home computer at any time or an encrypted stick for an extended period of time.

Safety incidents reported via form given to head teacher /member safeguarding team

  • Should you encounter an E-safety incident that you feel is inappropriate, please complete a Record of Concern form available in the staffroom. We also urge you to discuss the incident with a senior member of staff or a member of the safeguarding team (please ask at the office for details).

Thank you for helping keep xxx school a safe and secure place to learn


Download a copy of the Short and Sweet e-safety guide as a Word document


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