Rules on Contact with Students

Use of Email

  • All contact from a teacher to a student via email must be from the teacher’s school email account. It is preferable (and stated in the school policy) that students only use their school email to contact a member of staff. However, this is very difficult to enforce and it is acceptable for staff to respond to emails from private accounts.
  • The contents of emails from staff to pupils should be professional in manner and reflect the high expectation that the school has of all such communication.

Use of Social Media

1.  Facebook:
a. No member of staff should have any member of the student body as a Facebook friend on their         personal Facebook account.
b. Staff who have a Facebook account should be aware of the safety issues that access to their sites may represent and take suitable action to protect their content.

2. Twitter:
a. The school encourages the use of Twitter accounts as a means of broadcasting information. These should not be used for two way communication. Current use includes:
i. The PE Faculty tweets results of games (usually from the bus on the way home)
ii. Three of the trips to Europe during activities week used Twitter to broadcast updates and important information (such as the fact that we had arrived safely, for example)
b. All Twitter accounts must include the school name and be badged with the school logo.

Mobile Phones

  • In most circumstances, students should not be given the private phone number of members of staff. However, at present, there are circumstances where this is a necessity for security and safety reasons during school trips for example. Where this occurs, any numbers stored by staff and/or students should be deleted from phones when they are no longer needed for purpose for which they were collected.

Instant Messaging

  • This method should not be used for communication between staff and pupils.


Social Networking Guide for Teachers from Childnet 

Download a copy of the Short & Sweet e-safety guide as a word document

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