Reforms to Education Inspection

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Ofsted have recently confirmed changes to the inspection of education, following a programme of public consultation.

From September 2015, Ofsted will inspect good schools and further education and skills providers approximately once every three years, meaning that signs of decline can be spotted early and the necessary action taken. The focus of these inspections will be on ensuring that good standards are being maintained, that leaders have identified key areas of concern and that they have the capacity to address them. Frequent but shorter inspections will also mean that parents and employers can be kept much better informed.

The second key change will see a common approach taken to all education inspections from September 2015 to ensure greater consistency in inspections with the aim of making it much easier for parents, pupils, learners and employers to compare different providers and make more informed choices.

The final key reform is to conduct full inspections of every non-association independent school in the country by July 2018.

To see the report click here.

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