New school year, new beginnings: Learning Exchange North Somerset primary headteachers conference

Learning Exchange North Somerset primary headteachers meeting 10th October 2013DSC02462

Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” -Maria Robinson 

The first Learning Exchange North Somerset Primary Headteachers conference of the new school year took place at Cadbury House on 10th October 2013. The day began with Paul Jacobs outlining the future vision for the authority and referencing Stephen Covey Jnr’s ‘The Speed of Trust’.

Next, Sue Ivermee shared with everybody the new logo for the Learning Exchange, affectionately known as ‘the clover’, which places the Well Educated Child at the centre of everything we do. The petals become references for our future work or lenses through which we look to see how we can best meet the needs of our children.

We then had the opportunity to see a short excerpt of classroom practice and to discuss on our tables how we would judge the provision. It made us think about the complexity of the art of teaching and just how skillful our teachers are.

Next, Elspeth Davis informed us of changes to the inspection framework in her wonderfully clear and insightful style.

Then came Tony Harbron from Freedom Hill who has been helping us with our marketing and website design.  Everybody was excited by the opportunities afforded us by the website for sharing and putting North Somerset on a more global platform. Especially interested was Bruce Dale who appeared in the first video on the website! This added to the excitement already generated by his realization that he was indeed the oldest headteacher on the patch!

Then came Andrea Sully with a presentation on the New Primary Curriculum which both challenged us to make the curriculum sing but also reassured us that much of what we do already is extremely good and can be developed further. Everyone agreed that it was good to have a time to engage practically with the new curriculum and to do some new thinking for ourselves.

The final slot before lunch was filled by Gary Saul-Paterson who reminded us all about the opportunities for coaching in North Somerset and how important it is for the person at the helm to look after themselves.

After lunch, we welcomed Chairs of Governors and received a very informative presentation on the Renewed Ofsted Framework and what it means to governors.

Finally Shane German gave a presentation on P.E. and legacy funding and made us feel grateful that we have someone on the team who has such an expertise on all things P.E.

Thank you to all those people who attended the event and those people who did so much behind the scenes to make it a success.

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