New Publication – Conducting an Effective Pupil Premium Review

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This new publication from the North Somerset Learning Exchange supports schools in reviewing their own practice or provides a framework to lead a review for others.

It has been developed to support a truly self-improving, school-led system. It provides a rigorous and tested six-step framework which reviewers and supported schools can use to make the most of their Pupil Premium review, and find the best ways to raise the attainment of their disadvantaged pupils.

The guide and six-step framework draws on the expertise of experienced and successful system leaders who currently undertake reviews, and has led to the development of effective and sustainable Pupil Premium strategies for schools.

Step 1 – Planning and Preparation – analyses all relevant data and the school website to form a view of the current situation and determine what should be looked at more closely.

Step 2 – Self-evaluation – Before the review takes place, the school evaluates the impact of current strategies and what is working well, as well as where improvement is needed.

Step 3 – School visit – This is the heart of the review. A day in school spent talking with pupils and appropriate staff and governors. All the prompts for these discussions are included.

Step 4 – Analysis and Challenge – the evidence from the day in school allows the reviewer look more closely at the strategy selection used in school, what is working well and how barriers to learning are being overcome.

Step 5 – Action Plan – including strategies to improve the school’s use of the pupil premium. The plan will show clear milestones, responsibilities, success criteria and evaluation procedures.

Step 6 – Report writing – An evaluative account of the process and outcomes to support the school in further development.

More information about the publication can be found here

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A framework to aid self-evaluation