Mathematics: Developing a sense of number

Why is this important?

Developing a sense of number and a secure understanding of our number system are fundamental to children’s progress in mathematics. By giving learners opportunities to make sense of and reason about number, they will develop an ability to use numbers and processes in flexible ways. Having a strong ‘sense of ten’ lays foundations for understanding place value and carrying out calculations.

How will it impact?

By accessing this professional development, you will:

  • explore how to support children to develop an awareness of the relationship between number and quantity;
  • look at approaches that help children to have a secure understanding of number symbols, vocabulary and meaning;
  • experience activities that help to develop an understanding of different representations of number including an awareness of number patterns;
  • review the importance of opportunities to estimate;
  • look at manipulatives and teaching approaches that promote secure place value understanding.

Who is the professional development for?

Phase: Primary Special Non-maintained

Target Group(s): Teachers and teaching assistants

What format will it take?

Half day INSET

Learning Exchange member fee: £375 per school
Non-member fee: £500 per school

Staff meeting/twilight

2 x 2 hour sessions

Learning Exchange member fee: £480 per school
Non-member fee: £680 per school

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