Loops of Learning

Loops of Learning cover Learning Exchange North Somerset

Pages: 50 pages

Size: A4 glossy soft back cover

Price: £15

Author: Tim Sully

‘Loops of Learning’ is a way of perceiving the learning journey. It recognises that learning is a continuum rather than a set of discrete episodes and as such helps the children and the teacher recognise the inter-connectivity of the curriculum.

‘Loops’ support the learners by making the learning journey highly visible. Children know why they are doing something, ‘We are doing this because…’, where the learning is going, who the learning is for, and how they can contribute to their own learning and the learning of others.

In ‘Loops’ children contribute their own mistakes and are asked to discriminate between silly mistakes and useful mistakes, the exploration of which will benefit the whole learning community.

A feature of the ‘Loops’ display is work in various stages of development, ‘Our best thinking at this moment in time’. Children’s efforts along the way are recorded and added to the display as are photographs of success, becoming unstuck and strategies from children to move their own thinking forward which is recorded in the their own words.

‘Loops of Learning’ is a powerful concept which helps develop clarity in lesson and curriculum design. It has been written by teachers for teachers and contains six case studies to enable the reader to see the relevance and application of ‘Loops’ in the classroom.

The author is Tim Sully, an experienced classroom practitioner, consultant, adviser, trainer and presenter, both nationally and internationally.


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