Learning Exchange Pedagogy Network: So what’s new in the world of teaching?

The first meeting of the Pedagogy network took place recently in the Winter Gardens with the participants looking forward to investigating not only what represents the best pedagogy in North Somerset but also to gaining some insight into what is happening in the rest of the world.

The day began with a look at what has made headline news in this country with issues ranging from the exit of the Head of Pimlico Primary after just 6 weeks to the plans for a new ‘on entry’ test (PIPS).

The discussion then turned to international matters. First there was a Ted talk by Andreas Schleicher which was about international league tables…

This was followed by a critique by the TES.

After, there was an input on Charter Schools from the U.S.A. and Swedish Free Schools. This input was supplemented by research papers which were for and against the models. The last input was a short film on Finnish schools, again supported by research papers…

The network members then worked together to prepare a short, balanced presentation to show their colleagues back in school.

After lunch the focus turned to more local research with the sharing of ideas from around the authority. Of particular interest were the links between Loops of Learning and lesson design and the sharing of the purpose for learning with the children (‘We are doing this because…’).

At the end of the afternoon, teachers pooled their ideas and their responses to the input, then created individual mini books of ideas to share back in school. It was a fantastic start to a new network this year with very talented teachers.

Our next meeting will focus on the work of Professor John Hattie.

Tim Sully, Learning Exchange Adviser and Course Leader


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