Grabbing feedback in both hands

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At the end of last term, the Learning Exchange led an Inset day on Feedback, based on the publication ‘A Guide to feedback.’ The aim of the day was to highlight and extend the skills and talents of the staff with regards to feedback and marking.

The day began with an investigation of feedback as a concept and how it works both ways with the children constantly giving us, the teachers, feedback on the impact of our own teaching and how we gave the children feedback on their learning.

At the end of the day, the teachers synthesized all the information they had heard that day, confirming their own beliefs and practices and extending their thinking, and produced booklets showing how that would look and sound like in their year groups using real life examples.

It was a marvellous end to a highly productive day and showed what a talented group of teachers can produce in a very restricted time frame. It also showed the development of feedback across the whole school and how each year group built upon the work of the year before.

See our publication “A Guide To Feedback” for more information

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