Feedback for teachers: Don’t let them leave without saying goodbye!

You have spent the whole lesson, listening, watching, talking, reading and reviewing the children’s understanding. Don’t let them leave without ……. well, certainly saying goodbye but also don’t let them leave without addressing those issues that came up in the lesson.

Feedback given to the children is best served hot, now, instant, rather than served cold from something read in their books. Remote feedback (like that written in their books) is open to interpretation. The feedback children need is as close to what they are doing as humanly possible. Remember they are going to interpret what you say and the way you say it, the old body language again, so make sure the two match!

And there is something else that remains to be done. The teacher has to do something with the intelligence they have gleaned during the course of the lesson – the feedback they have received. This has to be attended to, ideally before the end of the lesson and if not, before the end of the day. It may be that the teacher writes it down – at least records it in some way, before the intelligence is lost. This means that the planning for the next day may well need a little alteration to make it more applicable to the needs of the children.

The more detail you invest in the planning, in advance, the more reluctant you are going to feel about the possibility of altering it before the next day comes around. However being open to the possibility of change is hugely important, because it is pointless asking the children to give you all this feedback if you are not going to do anything with it.

Time to change!

See Tim Sully’s publication “A guide to feedback” here or call 01934 427508 for more information

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