English: The great spelling mystery – solved!

Why is this important?

When children do not have to worry about the transcriptional aspects of writing, they are freed to be imaginative, engaging with their reader in exciting and creative ways. Indeed, the National Curriculum requires us to teach children to spell quickly and accurately with the aim that they will then be able to write clearly and coherently. By teaching spelling systematically, expert teachers can help children to make sense of a spelling system which often appears to be over-complicated and irregular.

How will it impact?

By accessing this professional development, you will:

  • develop an understanding of the English spelling system – its phonic regularity, morphology and etymology;
  • develop phonics subject knowledge and apply this to recognising graphemes in words and the phonemes they represent;
  • have an overview of the Learning Exchange Year 2-6 Spelling Programme;
  • explore how to use the teaching guidance in the programme to support quality discrete teaching of spelling;
  • consider a whole school approach to spelling including guidance on assessing children’s progress, providing feedback and working in partnership with parents.

Who is the professional development for?

Phase: Primary Secondary Special Non-maintained

Target Group(s): English subject leaders, teachers and teaching assistants

What format will it take?

Full day INSET

Learning Exchange member fee: £600 per school
Non-member fee: £750 per school

Staff meeting/twilight

1 x 2 hour session

Learning Exchange member fee: £240 per school
Non-member fee: £340 per school

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