English: Read for pleasure and learn the most

Why is this important?

The Read On. Get On. campaign defines ‘reading well’ as children not only being able to read the words that are written down, but also having a wider understanding of the meaning behind stories and information and being able to talk about them and comment on them. To achieve this for all children by the time they leave primary school, requires us to teach children to decode effectively and efficiently; to teach reading comprehension and to foster and celebrate an enjoyment of reading in all our communities.

How will it impact?

By accessing this professional development, you will:

  • consider how to create an excitement and enthusiasm for reading within the whole school community;
  • explore a progression in reading development;
  • develop your understanding of the strategies readers use to comprehend text;
  • explore the inter-relationship between spoken language, reading and writing;
  • explore the repertoire of strategies used by an expert teacher to teach reading;
  • explore strategies to foster independence in reading.

Who is the professional development for?

Phase: Primary  Special  Non-maintained

Target Group(s): English subject leaders and teaching assistants

What format will it take?

Full Day INSET

Learning Exchange member fee: £600 per school
Non-member fee: £750 per school

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