English: Loops and oops! – planning for quality learning in English

Why is this important?

Children’s learning is far more effective when they understand where it is leading. As children develop as readers and writers, learning journeys need to be designed with them to provide opportunity for new learning but also to provide opportunity for them to practise skills they already have and to deepen their understanding.

How will it impact?

By accessing this professional development, you will:

  • understand talk for writing as the developmental exploration, through talk, of the thinking and creative processes involved in being a writer;
  • understand how to use quality children’s literature as a starting point for children’s learning in English;
  • have practical experience of key teaching strategies that enable children to be fully immersed in quality children’s literature and to use talk for writing;
  • explore the relationship between talk for writing and teaching grammar in context;
  • understand how to use talk for writing strategies effectively to address children’s next steps in learning within the learning journey;
  • plan an engaging learning journey that uses key teaching strategies effectively. The learning journey will be based on quality children’s literature and will provide an opportunity for children to practise and work in greater depth, and to learn something new.

Who is the professional development for?

Phase: Primary  Special  Non-maintained

Target Group(s): English subject leaders, teachers and teaching assistants

What format will it take?

Full Day INSET

Learning Exchange member fee: £600 per school
Non-member fee: £750 per school

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