Engineering Challenge Day – Thursday 1 May at Priory Community School

engineering day

Children’s comments about the Engineering Challenge Day

“It was a great way of finding out about engineering, and it was creative and good fun.”

“I enjoyed working with people who aren’t necessarily my friends at school to come up with an effective design that included all of our ideas.” 

“It was fun and interactive. It helped us with our teamwork skills.”


This is an enrichment activity organised by The Learning Exchange.  The Engineering Challenge Day is an opportunity for children to work in teams and get a first hand experience of being engineers.  Teams will apply their maths and science learning to the real life challenge of designing and building a working wind turbine.  Each team will have a limited budget to manage and will be up against the clock. They will need to use all of their teamwork, problem solving, communication and creative thinking skills!

Throughout the challenge the teams will be supported by professional scientists and engineers who have been trained to work with young people.

This is a great opportunity for young people who love science, technology and maths to represent their school and find out where their interests can take them.

Outcomes for students

  1. Link science, maths and technology classroom learning to real life applications.
  2. Gain first hand experience of what it’s like to be an engineer.
  3. Understand that engineers are people, like them, who loved science, maths and technology when they were at school.
  4. Develop teamwork, communication, creative thinking, problem solving and other skills.
  5. Increased self-esteem by being chosen to represent their school and being awarded a certificate.

Teacher CPD session

All attending members of staff will have the option to take part in training delivered by the Science Learning Centre South West.  Details are as follows:

Running Successful Science Clubs, Events and Visits

On this course you will experience a range of science enrichment activities and be given practical advice to organise science clubs, run a science week and plan visits to raise the profile of science. You will receive information about support and funding, ideas for themes and activities and will leave equipped to plan your own science events.

You will:

  • Make scientific enquiry challenging and exciting through activities both inside and outside the classroom.
  • Access a range of local resources and organisations to support such activities.
  • Generate ideas for science week or science club activities. 

Date and venue

The event is taking place on Thursday 1 May at Priory Community School in Weston.  Start and finish times are 9:15 and 14:30.

Year group and numbers

This event is for children and young people in years 5, 6, 7 and 8.  There will be a prize for the best primary school team and best secondary school team.  Each participating school will be able to send two teams of five and one or two accompanying members of staff.


£280 per school.

How does my school take part?

Email Mark Nelson at by Friday 21 March to book a place for your school.

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