Conducting a Work Scrutiny

Conducting a Work Scrutiny cover Learning Exchange North Somerset

Pages: 22 pages

Size: A4 glossy soft back cover

Price: £10

Author: Tim Sully

Conducting a work scrutiny, sometimes called an extended work scrutiny, is a tool for capturing a snap shot of where a school is at a particular moment in time and using the evidence for forward planning.

The difference between the extended work scrutiny as shown in this publication and a normal work scrutiny, is that the publication shows how schools can interrogate the data and then archive the material as a complete package. This means that in future when another extended work scrutiny is carried out, previous versions can be compared and progress over time examined. It is also possible for schools to compare their work scrutiny with other schools across a cluster.

The process can be used to challenge perceptions of ‘progress’ in other subjects as well. For example in art it is possible to collect evidence of skill progression and continuity of experience.

This publication will be of huge benefit to school leaders and leaders of learning in general. Ofsted are particularly interested in the evidence it offers and it has been proven to considerably advance school improvement.

The author is Tim Sully, an experienced classroom practitioner, consultant, adviser, trainer and presenter, both nationally and internationally.


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