Changes to Ofsted Inspection Handbook and Subsidiary Guidance – April 2014

Some small but significant changes have been made to the inspection handbook, and the subsidiary guidance as of April 2014.

  • The main change in Part 1 of the handbook is new wording that has been added about the confidentiality of the inspection findings before the official publication of the report by Ofsted. (Page 19) A similar note has been added on page 23 to indicate that the letter from the inspection contractor will also contain a reminder to the school that the draft report is restricted and confidential to the relevant personnel.
  • In Part 2 of the handbook the only change is that Children of service families are no longer regarded as a category for particular attention in regard to their achievement.
  • The changes in the subsidiary guidance are centred around updating dates and percentages in relation to floor standards (page 7) English and mathematics in the sixth form (page 15) and the increase in expectations for attendance percentages (page 23).
  • Inspectors are advised to be very clear about the governance arrangements for a school in order to make sure they engage with the right people (page 24).
  • There is a whole new paragraph on page 31 about evaluating the school’s use of the pupil premium and the role of the designated virtual school head in managing pupil premium funding.
  • Children of service families have also been removed as a category for consideration under the impact of pupil premium gaps for English and mathematics at the end of Key Stages 2 and 4. (page 32)
  • There is a new requirement of inspectors in special schools to ensure that they report on the achievement of pupils who can attain more highly than the majority, as well as those with particular strengths and talents, and ensure that their needs are being met. (page 47)

For more information or if you have any questions on this or related school improvement and professional development issues please contact the Learning Exchange advisers on 01934 427508 or send us a quick email using this form.

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