Assessment for Learning group share big ideas

Assessent for Learning  AfL 1 Learning Exchange North Somerset

The first meeting of the small but dynamic AfL network met in Nailsea to share their best thinking at this moment in time and build ideas to use in the classroom.

On the agenda for discussion were the following concepts:

  • The importance of clarity in lesson design,
  • The idea of ‘personal best’
  • Developing a sense of purpose and audience
  • Setting the tone and intention of the learning, ‘You are going to enjoy this’
  • Encouraging the children to ask questions
  • Understanding that children learn by making comparisons
  • Offering links to children but not making the links for them
  • It is an entitlement for every child to be challenged
  • How to leave the door open for children to take the learning forward
  • How to design mid lesson plenaries
  • How to share with children the idea that they are effective learners
  • Feedback works both ways

We may be a small group in numbers but our thinking is very dynamic! If you feel you would like to join the group, please contact the learning Exchange on 01934 427508.

Tim Sully, Learning Exchange Adviser and Course Leader

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