About us

The Learning Exchange is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to helping schools achieve their school improvement priorities and to providing valued professional development opportunities for teachers and school leaders.

Our team is made up of experienced education professionals, committed to creating positive outcomes for children through outstanding leadership and teaching practice. Some are current and former school leaders; many are at the cutting edge of educational best practice.

Our approach is collaborative – we aim to facilitate lasting change in schools by helping them create their own knowledge-sharing culture, and by building supportive relationships between professionals from different schools.

We are based in North Somerset and continue to provide a valued service to a broad range of North Somerset primary and secondary schools. Many of our most popular courses, materials and advisory services are now available to schools all over the UK and beyond.

Benefits of working with the Learning Exchange

  • Guidance in implementing strategies that have been proven to achieve measurable success in terms of improved Ofsted ratings
  • Practical advice, coaching, teaching resources and support from renowned education professionals with daily hands-on experience in real schools
  • Access to the latest knowledge about best practice and developments in educational policy, with practical ideas for what to do about them
  • Shared vision and values: we are child-focused, not profit-focused
  • The opportunity to become part of an extensive and supportive network of schools, sharing experiences, resources and best practice