A Small Book of Marginal Gain

Small Book of Marginal Gain cover 600


Pages: 55 pages

Size: A4 glossy soft back cover

Price: £15

Author: Tim Sully

This latest work from Tim Sully covers a range of small adjustments that can be made every day to improve the way we teach and learn from children. It is perfect if you are looking at changing the culture in your school, if you are interested in improving the quality of what you offer the children, and if you are interested in the high level impact of very small things (and we don’t mean the children!).

Chapters include:

  • Smiles and Body Language
  • The Language of Expectation
  • Praise
  • Passive, Engaged or Just Learning?
  • Cognitive Load
  • Schemas
  • Labelling Children
  • Primacy and Recency
  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • Visualisers and Wagolls
  • Success Criteria
  • Implications for Differentiation
  • Feedback
  • Loops of Learning
  • Personal Learning Journeys
  • Transition and Moving Forwards with the Latest Versus Best

‘A Small Book of Marginal Gain’ is written for heads and school leaders, teachers, teaching assistants and anyone interested in teaching and learning.

The author is Tim Sully, an experienced classroom practitioner, consultant, adviser, trainer and presenter, both nationally and internationally.


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