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DfE Consultation – Intervening in Failing, Underperforming and Coasting Schools

Please visit for consultation documents from the DfE regarding ‘Intervening in failing, underperforming and coasting schools’. The DfE invite your views on how: they define local-authority-maintained schools that are eligible for intervention regional schools commissioners (RSCs) and local authorities should use their intervention powers they propose to identify coasting schools Deadline for responses -18 December 2015.
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University of Bristol summary of key education documents published October 2015

This document, published by the University of Bristol, provides a useful summary of documents from a variety of sources: Myths and facts for Schools (DfE: October 2015) Phonics screening check and national curriculum assessments at Key Stage 1 in England, 2015 (DfE: September 2015) Annual Qualifications Market Report 2013-14 Academic Year (Ofqual: October 2015) Final report of the Commission on Assessment without Levels (DfE: September 2015) Early Years Foundation Stage Profile results in England, 2015 (DfE: October 2015) PISA in Practice: Tackling low performance in maths (NfER: September 2015) PISA in Practice: What can we learn from England’s high performance
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