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University of Bristol summary of key education documents published July 2015

This document, published by the University of Bristol, provides a useful summary of documents from a variety of sources: Phonics screening check evaluation: Final report (DfE: June 2015) School workforce in England: November 2014 (DfE: July 2015) Maintained schools and academies inspection outcomes (Ofsted: June 2015) Independent schools inspection outcomes (provisional) (Ofsted: June 2015) Further education and skills: Learner participation, outcomes and level of highest qualification held (Department for Business, Innovation and Skills: June 2015) Analysis of academy school performance in GCSEs 2014: Final report (Local Government Association and NfER: July 2015) The impact of accountability measures on children and
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Read On, Get On Campaign

Reading is the key to unlocking a child’s full potential and one of the best routes out of poverty for our poorest children. Recognising the fundamental importance of reading well by age 11 and optimistic about their chances of turning this situation around, a wide coalition of organisations have come together to launch the ‘Read On, Get On’ campaign. Please click here for information. To see the full report, please click here
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