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University of Bristol summary of key education documents published June 2015

This document published by the University of Bristol provides a useful summary of documents from a variety of sources: Schools, pupils and their characteristics: January 2015 (DfE: June 2015) The future of education inspection: understanding the changes (Ofsted: June 2015) Further education and skills inspection outcomes (Ofsted: June 2015) Summer exam entries: GCSEs, Level 1/2 certificates, AS and A Levels in England (Ofqual: June 2015) Statements of SEN and EHC plans: England 2015 (DfE: May 2015) Character nation (J.Birdwel, R.Scott and L.Reynolds for Demos with the Jubilee Centre: June 2015) Missing talent (The Sutton Trust: June 2015) Perceptions of A
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